Important informations

  1. Passengers travelling with small animals in cages, containers, baskets don’t buy a ticket for animals.   

  2. Passenger traveling with a dog need to buy a ticket for dog (price: 3 PLN).

  3. The passengers don’t pay a ticket for a blind person's guide dog.

  4. It is possible to travel with a bicycle. Passenger have to put bicycle in a special place for bicycles or in a compartment on special place for a big baggage. Passenger have to buy a ticket for bicycle (price: 4 PLN)

  5. Passenger don’t buy a ticket for such object as:

  • stroller,
  • wheelchair used by disabled persons,
  • one pair of skis,
  • one pair of sledge,
  • one snowboard ,
  • musical instruments,
  • easel,
  • big drawing  briefcase
  1. It is strictly prohibited to travel with such object as:

  • explosives,
  • flammable materials,
  • dangerous materials,
  • smelly items,
  • items that may disturb other passengers,
  • objects that may injure other passengers or may damage or pollute a train,
  • vehicle with a combustion engine,
  • items that may disturb otherpassengers.
  1. Traveling in “POLREGIO” trains passenger can buy a ticket for the routes operated by “Koleje Małopolskie” from a train conductor on board “POLREGIO”

  2. Traveling in “Koleje Małopolskie” trains passenger can buy a ticket for the routes operated by “POLREGIO” from a train conductor  on board “Koleje Małopolskie”

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